Big Wreck Discovery May Have Newburyport Ties

A diver examines an anchor at the Two Brothers shipwreck site. Photo courtesy NOAA.

The Newburyport Times reports that the former 1800s whaling vessel Two Brothers, the wreck of which was discovered off Hawaii last week, may have been built in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

A trypot at theTwo Brothers shipwreck site. Trypots were large cast iron pots used to melt whale blubber to produce oil. Photo courtesy NOAA.

A few lines in a dusty old registry of Newburyport-area sailing ships may provide clues to the question undersea archaeologists are asking: Who built the whaling ship Two Brothers?

Archaeologists this week announced they had found the wreckage of the 19th century ship hundreds of miles north of Hawaii. The news made headlines across the nation, due largely to the 1823 wreck’s connection to one of the most famous American maritime disasters of the 1800s.

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