Bilge Products Eat Oil, Gas

Bilge Products Eat Oil, Gas

Young Enterprises makes a line of environmentally friendly products that combat hydrocarbon pollution through the use of naturally occurring microbes embedded in floating foam carriers. The foam acts like a boom, attracting and absorbing oil, gas and other pollutants in the bilge, which then provide a meal for the microbes, turning them into water-soluble fatty acids.

The company’s Shark Microbial Bilge Pad is designed specifically for recreational boaters. The shark-shaped pad (embedded with archaea microbes) can be tied off at a convenient location in the bilge and floats on the surface of the bilge water, continuously absorbing and remediating oil sheens. According to the company, the microbes multiply every 20 minutes when activated in water and continue to work for about 3 months.

Cost is $17.75 per pad.

For larger boats, Young sells the Large Boat Bilge Pad, which treats boats 40’ and up. Each pad costs $27.50.

For more information contact Young Enterprise.