Block Island Waterfront Updates


The Block Island Times reports on some recent happenings on the island’s waterfront scene that may concern boaters.

  • The Block Island Boat Basin electrical system needs to be upgraded before the start of the 2015 season. Harbor Committee members noted that if the dock doesn’t open, there will be no dinghy dock, and a lot of dinghies would be left on the beach. One member was quoted as saying that a lack of a dinghy dock “would change the economics of the whole pond. It would have a major impact on the community.”
  • There is also growing concern over where the new Harbormaster’s office will be located on New Harbor. It is likely that a temporary workspace, such as an office trailer, can be acquired, but it’s unknown where it would be situated. One council member has been pushing for a new location that would be adjacent to public showers and bathrooms.
  • Work is proceeding on the breakwater at Old Harbor. At its February meeting, the Harbor Committee discussed how big the rocks needed to be in order not to be pushed around by the waves, and moved onto whether the height would be a problem in 20 years, given rising sea levels.
  • Floats left in Great Salt Pond have been damaged by ice. The larger floats are left in the water because apparently no one is sure where to store them.

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