Bluefin Tuna Found Swimming in Bristol Harbor, RI

Blufin Tuna/NOAA
Blufin Tuna/NOAA Police officers see all kinds of things on the job, but Bristol [RI] Patrolman Tim Gallison has a fish story that’s hard to beat.

Patrolman Gallison was on patrol at the State Street dock just before midnight Sunday [Nov. 23] when he heard what sounded like a person splashing in the water at the end of the dock. He walked over to the edge of the pier, turned his flashlight on the water and couldn’t believe what he saw—a 4’ bluefin tuna slowly circling in about 3’ or 4’ feet of water, just off the boat ramp. “I thought someone was in the water,” said Patrolman Gallison, who likes to fish in his time off.

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