Boater Rescued in Nantucket Sound

SouthCoast Today: When Arthur Moscufo pushed off in his 14’ aluminum boat Monday afternoon [Feb. 20] , he planned to cruise around Nantucket Sound for about an hour. Instead, he found himself floating on the overturned vessel for 12 hours, trying to stay warm and hoping for rescue.

“It was a long 12 hours,” Moscufo, 36, said from his bed at Cape Cod Hospital, where he was recovering from hypothermia Tuesday afternoon. “It was a dark time.”

Moscufo, who lives in Medford but frequently stays at his mother’s South Yarmouth home, launched the recently purchased, used aluminum boat from Bass River Beach about 3:30 p.m. Monday. It was a warm afternoon for February with temperatures in the 40s, and he planned to motor around for a short while to test the boat’s engine.

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