Boaters Encouraged to Dispose of Old Flares

These are not in good condition and should not be on your boat! It is OK to keep expired flares on your boat as long as they are in good condition. Expired flares will not be counted if you are inspected. You must have three flares in your inventory that are not past their expiration date. Photo/Boating in Connecticut

The Connecticut DEEP is reminding boaters that the state’s Boating Division will dispose of any expired flares or dangerous flares.

The division recently received a load of old flares, and came across some potentially dangerous situations. Shown are photos of flares that were broken or corroded, exposing their still hazardous chemicals, which could ignite by accident. The chemicals in flares become more volatile over time, which is why expired flares should be disposed of.

Also shown are photos of aerial flares left inside the flare gun. This is extremely dangerous, as someone, particularly a child, could accidentally discharge the gun. Never load a flare gun until you need to fire the flare.

Expired Flare Disposal Info:

  • Disposal of marine flares may be done by appointment only, by calling the DEEP Boating Division, (860-434-8638). Ask for the Navigation Safety/Boating Access Unit.
  • Take advantage of our “Flare Days.” You can dispose of flares and test them out. Watch your local newspapers for site locations and times.

To see all the flare photos just CLICK HERE on Facebook.

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