Building a Basic Blackfish Bottom Rig

In this short video, Capt. Chris Landry and NEF host Tom Richardson walk you through the steps involved in making a single-hook bottom rig for targeting blackfish (tautog) over the deep wrecks and reefs of Long Island Sound.

Landry likes to keep his rigs simple, especially over grabby bottom where a bulldog blackfish can quickly hole up in the structure (using a two-hook rig can increase the number of snags—and therefore time spent re-rigging).

Landry typically fishes for blackfish over the wrecks and reefs off Clinton and Westbrook, CT. The area is known for its swift currents, and typical depths range from 40 to 70 feet. These conditions call for specialized anchoring techniques, and you can watch a video on how Landry goes about this task here.