Video: Building a Breakaway Anchor System

When it comes to precision anchoring for trophy blackfish (tautog), Capt. Chris Landry doesn’t mess around!

Landry, who fishes the waters of Long Island Sound off Westbrook and Clinton, makes sure that once he’s found a prime piece of real estate—be it a wreck or rocky hump—that his boat is going to stay positioned directly over the structure. Any anchor slippage could result in missing the jackpot of beefy blackfish, so Landry makes sure he stays put with an oversized plow anchor. Should the anchor become lodged in the structure, he has devised a clever system that allows him to save his expensive ground tackle. See how he does it in the accompanying video!

Watch the full Long Island Sound blackfish episode of New England Fishing TV.


Episode 6: Westbrook, CT, Blackfish