Bush Grounded

July 13, 2010: At approximately 3:00 p.m. on July 12, former President of the United States George Herbert-Walker Bush accidentally ran his 2009 38-foot Fountain center console, Fidelity IV, aground on Maine’s Gooch’s Beach, just west of Kennebunkport, where the boat is berthed.

Satellite view of grounding area.
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According to the former President’s press secretary, heavy fog played a role in the accident, in which no one was hurt, even though the triple-outboard boat is equipped with the latest electronics, including radar. A story on Seacoast Online estimated that about 500 beachgoers eventually showed up to gawk at what had to be an embarrassing incident for the 86-year-old Bush, a former Navy pilot. On the bright side, the $280,000 boat was eventually towed off the beach with minimal damage.

George Bush Video from NBC Nightly News:

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