Cape Ann Museum Debuts Schooner Model

Schooner Elsie, Gloucester Harbor, in the 1931 race against the Thomas S. Gorton. Photo credited to Adolph Kupsinel. Courtesy the Harold Adams Collection of the Cape Ann Museum.

The Gloucester Times reported that the Cape Ann Museum has added a new ship model to its collection. The model is a replica of the Gloucester fishing schooner Elsie, and was created by model-maker Erik Ronnberg Jr., who spent 8 months completing the model.

Erik Ronnberg’s latest masterpiece, the Gloucester fishing schooner Elsie, was unveiled on Saturday, April 9, 2011. Photo Courtesy Cape Ann Museum.

The schooner Elsie, designed by Capt. Thomas McManus, was built in 1910 at the Arthur D. Story Shipyard in Essex, and became a member of Gloucester’s famous salt-cod fishing fleet. On her maiden trip, she landed over 280,000 pounds of salt cod in Gloucester.

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