Cape Cod Maritime Museum 2013 Family Programs

Results from a past Lego Boatbuilding class. Photo/Cape Cod Maritime Museum

The Cape Cod Maritime Museum in Hyannis invites families to sample its programs during the week of February 18-22, 2013. These are walk-in programs run from 11:00-3:00 each day (unless otherwise indicated) and are free with admission. They are designed to entertain kids aged 5 through 13. Younger siblings are welcome to enjoy the museum and the programs with help from parents.

Monday, Feb. 18: Scrimshaw and Shell Sailors’ Valentine

  • Long ago, sailors from Cape Cod traveled around the world on trading voyages. Learn how Scrimshaw & Sailors’ Valentines came to Cape Cod in the 1800s. Make your own scrimshaw ornament as the centerpiece of your design, then create a Sailors’ Valentine around it with colorful and organic shells on an octagonal base.

Tuesday, Feb. 19: LEGO Boatbuilding Contest

  • Work in teams, with your family or individually to design a boat, using LEGO building materials. There will be 3 age-designated categories for the competition of top design. A group of expert boat builders and designers from the Cook Boat Shop will judge the contest. The prize is a CCMM family membership, and your design to keep.
Great results and great fun. Photo/Cape Cod Maritime Museum

Wednesday, Feb. 20: What Floats Your Boat?

  • All materials are provided by CCMM, however students are encouraged to bring recyclables from home. Students will learn about the different materials and designs that keep boats afloat. In teams, they will design and build their own catboat from different recycled materials. They will then find out if their boat stays afloat on water, and will critically assess their design making modifications needed to keep it upright. Teams will experiment with various methods of power for their designs, and discover what best moves their vessel along. They will also compete in miniature boat races.

Thursday, Feb. 21: Trapped in a Weir Fish I.D. & Rubbings

  • Learn about all the different fish species caught in weirs on Cape Cod. Can you identify them? Make artistic fish rubbings with synthetic squid, black sea bass, butterfish, mackerel, horseshoe crabs, catboats & more!

Friday, Feb. 19: Communication without Sound

  • Have you ever seen colorful flags flying on sailboats? These are International signal flags, which represent letters, numbers and symbols and are flown on ships as a way of communicating with other boats. Learn how to rig up signal flags on a mast. Then figure out the letters of your name with signal flag symbols and create your own flags.
For more information check out the Cape Cod Maritime Museum’s website by CLICKING HERE.

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