Cape Cod Maritime Museum Offers Winter Break Kid’s Classes


The Cape Cod Maritime Museum in Hyannis will be hosting several kid-friendly activities and classes over the February school vacation week (Feb.  15-19). Class times run 11-3. The classes include:

Build a Scallop Wind Chime (Monday, Feb. 15): Design and build a wind chime using shells and wood. Decorate the chime with paints and decorative items. Cost is covered by museum admission and materials fee of $8.

Signal Flag Fun (Tuesday, Feb. 16): Learn how signal flags allowed ship crews to communicate with one another or with shore stations. The class will create words, phrases and names using flags made of paper and decorated with pens and pencils.

Design & Build a Wooden Boat (Wednesday, Feb. 17): In this class, kids will design, build and decorate a wooden boat model from a piece of wood, with the help of the museum’s Boat Shop Coordinator. Cost: $8.

Lego Boatbuilding Contest (Thursday, Feb. 18): In this class, participants will build a Lego boat, which will then be entered into a contest. All boats will be judged for seaworthiness and design by the museum’s own boatbuilders. The winner will receive membership to the museum for a year.

Pirate Map-Making (Friday, February 19): Design a pirate map and trail to find a treasure. All supplies provided. Cost: $8.

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