Cape Cod’s Coonamesett River Restoration Begins

The Cape Cod Times reports that restoration work has begun on the lower Coonamessett Rive in Falmouth, MA. The work is part of a massive, $3.5 million project to restore the river’s natural course and improve habitat for species that previously flourished in and around the Coonamessett, including river herring, brook trout and American eel.

As part of the project, the Lower Dam will be removed and the 11-acre Lower Bog will be restored by digging out several feet of sand that accumulated on the riverbed as a result of cranberry farming.

The full scope of work will result in 2.2 miles of free-flowing stream by some time in 2019, and includes the removal of 2 dams, replacing deteriorated culverts at John Parker Road with a fish-friendly crossing; improving access for herring to 158 acres of spawning habitat at Coonamessett Pond; restoring 56 acres of former cranberry bogs to natural wetlands, and re-establishing 4,600 linear feet of habitat.

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