12 Top Spots for Rhody Fluke

Capt. Dave Monti knows a few things about catching fluke, as the species is one of his top targets in and around his home waters of Narragansett Bay. Here are a dozen of his favorite places to catch fluke (summer flounder) in Rhode Island. In general, Monti looks for drop-offs, bottom structure, channel edges, and deep water, particularly in warm weather. In spring, the fish tend to be in shallower areas.

A Dozen Doormat Domiciles

1. Warwick: channel edges off Warwick Neck Light.

2. Jamestown: channel edges on the northeast side of the Jamestown Bridge.

3. Jamestown: northwest corner of Dutch Island.

4. Jamestown: mouths of Hull and Mackerel Coves.

5. Jamestown: underwater valley off southeast side of Dutch Island.

6. North Kingstown: waters off URI’s Bay Campus.

7. Jamestown: Austin’s Hollow, off the west side of Jamestown.

8. Jamestown: deep water off Beavertail Point.

9. South County: sloping bottom and structure along the ocean beaches (Watch Hill, Charlestown, the Five Cottages, etc.)

10. Narragansett: center wall of the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge.

11. Newport: deep-water contour lines off Newport.

12. Block Island: North Rip and Cow Cove on north end; along Fred Benson Town Beach on the east side; and all along southern end of the island.

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