Central LI Sound Report: 8.10.12

Andrew Nichols 5.7 pound sea sass. Photo/Rivers End Tackle.

River’s End Tackle in Old Saybrook reports on the action in Long Island Sound for the week ending August 10, 2012:

Striped Bass: The week started on a strong note and slid downward as the week progressed. A few oddballs for August is that we’re getting reports of some larger bass in the mouth of the Connecticut River. Casters are picking a few along Great Island, a shore fisherman from Saybrook Point caught a 50″ bass and we’ve had a couple of reports of bass on the bunker schools.

The Race is still a good bet for medium sized bass and we’re starting to hear a bit more from Plum Gut and the Sluiceway. Problem with these spots is that they’re overloaded with small blues.

Bluefish: It’s a small, small world of blues out there. It’s not uncommon to run into schools of 12″ blues from the River to Montauk. Some larger but not lunker blues have been found near Cornfield and Pigeon Rip.

It should be an interesting bluefish contest this year. The large schools of bunker are not that thick as usual in the Western Sound.

The WICC Bluefish Contest is scheduled for the weekend of August 24-25. We have applications now and will be a weigh in station.

Snapper Blues: They seem to be growing faster this year, maybe due to the abundance of peanut bunker. It’s hard to pinpoint the best spots but moving water helps a lot. The DEP Piers are good same for the Causeway. Blackhall and Lieutenant Rivers.

Most 1” to 2″ shiny lures work, but it’s hard to beat the Snapper Popper.

Fluke: The rating is still slow but some improvements noted. Block Island continues to have the best reports with the option of mixed bags. The better news is that the deeper waters (70’+) off Black Point have improved with mostly keeper sizes and some doormats thrown in. Elsewhere there are mostly shorts.

Our Fluke Contest started May 15. There are some changes. It’s going to be a 3-shop contest. River’s End, Hillyers and the Fish Connection. Top prize will be $1000 and you can enter or weigh in at any of the shops. This year we will award 5 places. We will also weigh in fluke for Fishin’ Factory III in Middletown . Last weeks winner was Lou Peloubet with a 10.10-pound doormat.

Porgies: Great numbers and sizes coming in. We weighed in a 4.1-pound slab last week. All the local reefs are doing well at some time. You have to locate the porgies before anchoring. You can drift or try to locate them on the fishfinder, they’ll appear to be a vertical stack of fish. If you want to hold them, put out a chum pot.

Blue Crabs: Same as the last two weeks. Good to very good reports have been coming in from the piers in the Connecticut River and even better in the coves. This looks like a crab season not to miss.

BONITO, FALSE ALBACORE: It’s official. Confirmed catches of bonito this week from Watch Hill and Fishers Island. Also false albacore have been reported in Buzzards Bay.

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