CG May Shut Down Block Island “North Light Tower”

Block Island North Tower (inset) and North Lighthouse. Lighthouse Photo by ## Matt Housekeeper, Soundbounder##

The Coast Guard is seeking public comment on a recent proposal to discontinue operation of the Block Island North Light tower (LLNR 19480) as an official aid to navigation. It should be noted that this light is not located in the historic lighthouse of the same name (also known as”Old Granitesides”). It is, in fact, housed in a short 5′ by 5′ skeleton tower just north of the lighthouse.

Chart of Tower and Lighthouse

The Coast Guard’s Mark Ferreira emailed New England Boating that the agency “is in the process of cutting back on the number of aids to navigation by 5% Coast Guard-wide.” He could not say whether this was due to improvements in navigational technology or budgetary reasons.

The skeleton tower light has a white optic, and has no lateral significance to mariners.

If the light is decommissioned, the CG would dismantle the tower, providing it does not cause any ecological disturbance.

SAT view of Tower and Lighthouse

Interested mariners are encouraged to comment on this proposal in writing, either personally or through organizations. All comments will be carefully considered and are requested by September 28, 2010. To facilitate the process, refer to Project No. 01-10-167. Emails can be sent to and faxes to 617-223-8291.