Chickley River in Hawley, MA, to be Restored

Restoration work happening in the Chickley River near Hawley MA. Photo/Connecticut River Watershed Council.

The Connecticut River Watershed Council (CRWC) has announced that an agreement has been reached that will restore the Chickley River in Hawley, Massachusetts, to more natural and ecologically sound conditions.

SAT map.

After Tropical Storm Irene caused massive flooding last fall, 5 miles of the Chickley River in Hawley were straightened, dredged, and bermed. This effort made the river more dangerous, and destroyed the river’s legally designated cold-water fishery.

Under the settlement approved on November 27 by the MassDEP, the construction company that performed the original work and the Town of Hawley will be responsible for restoring the river to its original contours, connecting it with the floodplain, re-creating habitat such as riffle and pool complexes, and planting trees. The settlement also requires that $150,000 be placed into an escrow account to pay for the replanting of vegetation, future monitoring, and corrective actions. In addition, there is a $175,000 penalty assessed with $66,000 of that being suspended provided the terms of the settlement and restoration are complied with.

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