Clammer Tongs Up Human Skull

Westport Harbor and scull photos courtesy Wikepedia.

EastBayRI: A quahogger’s recent catch has launched a police investigation and reopened some old Westport River mysteries.

George Pierce of Westport was tonging near The Back Eddy restaurant (in Westport, Massachusetts) nearly 2 weeks ago when he brought up the top part of a human skull.

Mr. Pierce said he was working in about 8 feet of water at low tide when he felt something unusual with his tongs.

“It felt sort of like a clay pot — definitely not a rock,” Mr. Pierce said.

He brought it aboard “and I knew right away what it was, the top of a skull. I said to myself, ‘Okay, this is going to be interesting.’” He said it looked very old and yellowed.

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