Coast Guard to Build New Menemsha Boathouse

Artist's rendition of the boathouse.
Artist’s rendition of the boathouse.

The Coast Guard has received all necessary regulatory permits to begin construction of a new boathouse at Station Menemsha on Martha’s Vineyard in early September 2013.

The original 6,000-square-foot boathouse, built in 1941, was destroyed by fire on July 12, 2010. A joint investigation, completed in 2011 by local, state, and federal authorities, was unable to determine a cause for the fire.

The approved scope of work includes construction of a 5,000-square-foot single-bay boathouse. The facility will include boat maintenance and crew support spaces as well as a new boat ramp. Coast Guard appropriations included $10 million to plan, design and rebuild the boathouse.

Design-build contractor Mortenson Construction expects to start the week after Labor Day and initial activity will include the installation of a temporary structure to support crane activities. The structure concept improves on the original plan of using only a barge for crane operations. Following discussions with the town of Chilmark, Massachusetts, the Coast Guard adjusted its plan to reduce impact on adjacent mooring facilities and avoid barge contact with the marine bottom.

Much of the large material deliveries for construction during the winter will be transported by barge. Smaller interior-work material deliveries and materials procured from local suppliers will come by road.

The Coast Guard expects to complete the project by summer 2014.

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