Coast Guard’s New London Chief Replaced

Coast Guard Station New London, photo USCG.

The Hour of New Haven, Connecticut,  and an AP report in the Wall Street Journal have reported that the head of Coast Guard Station New London is being relieved of duty because supervisors have lost confidence in his abilities to command.

The Coast Guard says in a written statement that Lt. Thomas Stokes was relieved of his post on Nov. 18 as part of a non-punitive, personnel management decision. However, the WSJ article reported that Stokes told the Associated Press that he was dismissed because of a DWI incident on the Staten Island Coast Guard base in which the Breathalyzer showed him to be slightly over the legal limit. Stokes added that the Coast Guard investigator assigned to the case was suspicious of the reliability of the test. When asked about the case, Coast Guard officials refused to comment on the grounds that the dismissal was non-punitive.

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