Cod Data is Sound, Says Former Fisheries Researcher

Cod Data is Sound, Says Former Fisheries Researcher
Photo/New England Boating

New restrictions have effectively halted commercial and recreational cod fishing in the Gulf of Maine for the next 6 months, and the New England Fishery Management Council’s Groundfish Committee is deliberating over possible regulations once those restrictions expire in May.

Fishermen are naturally angered over the decision, and question the government’s data behind the closure. Massachusetts governor-elect Charlie Baker has also weighed in, repeating his assertion that the state should do more of its own research on the groundfish stock in the Gulf of Maine, rather than relying on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

But, as WBUR learned, many researchers say the data is carefully gathered with the cooperation of state and local researchers, and widely vetted. Follow the accompanying link to hear an interview with a former researcher and manager at the National Marine Fisheries Service, who says the fisheries data is sound.

Listen to the interview on cod data from RadioBoston/WBUR: