Cohasset Restaurant Patio Collapses in Harbor

Scituate Mariner: It had been coming for some time and on Tuesday afternoon it happened: the outer wall of the Olde Salt House patio deck collapsed into Cohasset Harbor.

Cohasset Building Inspector Robert Egan said he was not surprised.

“It had been showing signs of failing for a while,” said Egan, who had sent a letter to Atlantica owner Gerd Ordelheide in April informing him he could not open the outdoor dining area on Border Street until repairs had been made.

The Olde Salt House has not been open to the public since 2015 when Peter Roy still owned the property. Ordelheide, who also owns the Red Lion Inn, Cohasset Harbor Inn, and Brisa restaurant, purchased the harbor properties in 2016.

Egan said Ordelheide will need to act quickly to shore up the structure temporarily until a long-term fix can be made.

“There’s no easy way to do it,” Egan said. “You’ll have to take it down to the harbor bottom and build it back up.”

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