Connecticut Marina Goes Solar

Brewer Pilots Point Marina has installed photovoltaic panels that supply power to 3 of its work sheds and some of its 900 slips.

August 19, 2010: Brewer Pilots Point Marina in Westbrook, Connecticut, has announced the completion of an 8,500-square-foot solar photovoltaic (PV) system funded, in part, by a grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund(CCEF). The electricity generated by the new system will supply power to 3 marina work sheds and a portion of its 900 customer slips.

“We are thrilled with the way this project turned out,” says Rives Potts, Vice President and General Manager at Brewer Pilots Point . “We constantly urge our customers to consider the environment in all of their boating decisions, and this allows us not only to reduce our own footprint but also put money where our mouth is when it comes to environmental stewardship.”

Brewer Pilots Point Marina is one of 27 “Clean Marinas” certified by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection for its voluntary efforts to exceed the standards of regulatory compliance.

The new system required advanced componenets.

CCEF provided $184,968 to support the installation through its On-Site Renewable Distributed Generation Program. The program provides funding for renewable energy projects at Connecticut businesses in order to reduce the load on the state’s electricity grid, prevent harmful emissions by offsetting electricity produced from fossil fuels and spur investment in small businesses.

Solar PV is a great choice in a marina setting,” said Lise Dondy, president of CCEF. “During the busy summer season, when a marina’s electricity demands are at their peak, a solar PV system’s output will be greatest. We are delighted that we could partner with Brewer Pilots Point Marina to enhance its clean, green operations.”

The 72 kilowatt DC solar system at Brewer Pilots Point consists of 360 SunTech 200-watt solar panels placed on the roof of a newly constructed storage and maintenance facility in the marina’s South Yard. The system was designed and built by Alteris Renewables of Wilton, Connecticut, which has installed numerous solar arrays at commercial and residential sites in the State in conjunction with CCEF.