CT to Replace Aging Norwalk Railbridge


TheHour.com: Surrounded by a bevy of local politicians, [CT] Gov. Dannel Malloy announced Thursday morning [Oct. 2] the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s plan to close a $188 million funding gap for the design and replacement of the New Haven Line’s 118-year-old Walk Bridge in Norwalk, which malfunctioned in 2 separate incidents within a 2-week period over the summer.

CT to Replace Aging Norwalk Railbridge
Railroad bridge over the Norwalk River as seen from the south on the South Norwalk side. Photo/Wikimedia (2007).

“The operational failures of the Walk Bridge underscored how critically important it is to upgrade and bring our aging transportation infrastructure into the 21st Century—something my administration has been addressing over the last several years with smart, strategic investments in our mass transit and highway systems,” said Governor Malloy.

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