Daiwa Upgrades Saltiga Spinning Reels

For 2020, Daiwa’s popular Saltiga spinning reels have been redesigned and upgraded with lots of new features and tech.

All reels in the Saltiga line are based on a new “monocoque” body with threaded sideplate. Because screws are not necessary to attach the sideplate and hold the main gear, interior space is increased. The single-piece, high-strength aluminum body can accommodate a larger gear system, which translates into more power, while remaining smaller and lighter than previous Saltiga reels.

The new rear cover design also eliminates screws from the underside of the reel to guard against the intrusion of moisture or contaminants. Improved paint and finishing processes also deliver enhanced corrosion protection.

Also new is the G1 Duralumin cut Digigear system. Digigear is digitally developed gearing with bigger teeth and more touch points to deliver more than twice the gear strength and torque of its predecessors. Digigear transmits the power of the handle directly to the rotor with smoothness and efficiency.

Saltiga reels also feature a new drag stack, increasing the number of washers (18) to yield ten times the drag durability of previous Saltigas. Max drag ranges from 500 to 66 pounds, depending on model.

The reel’s redesigned aluminum heat-dissipating Drag Knob results in improved cooling, too, while Daiwa’s Longcast spool offers improved casting performance and line management.

Speaking of the spool, ABS is Daiwa’s exclusive reverse-tapered spool design that reduces friction for longer and easier casting. The spool’s maximized core diameter and reversed taper mean 100% useable line, with no more “dead” line buried in a deep core. You can fill it with line right up to the edge of the spool lip without fear of tangles.

ATD (Advanced Tournament Drag) is Daiwa’s latest drag technology. ATD implements structural changes to the spool metal to provide greater support of the spool across the entire length of the main shaft. This additional support reduces spool twist under heavy load, promotes more even pressure on the drag washers, and ultimately reduces “pulsing” of the drag when fighting fish. Implementing a high-density woven carbon impregnated with specially formulated grease, the combination creates a remarkably smooth and fluid drag across all levels of pressure.

The Saltiga line also utilizes Daiwa’s Magsealed patented technology to apply magnetic oil that changes density and shape when a magnetic field is added. When Magsealed technology is applied to the main shaft and/or line roller of a spinning reel, it produces a low-friction seal that keeps water, dust and grit from disrupting the internal components of the reel. The result is a watertight seal with much lower resistance than conventional rubber seals.

Other features include:

  • Air Rotor offers an arched profile and 15% weight reduction compared to standard rotors for optimal winding smoothness and vibration-prevention thanks to the lowered center of gravity.
  • Air Bail made from SUS303 steel is 20% more durable than a solid titanium bail of the same weight, while lasting up to 13 times longer.
  • Aluminum handle knob acts as a heatsink, offering cooler operation when gripped, as well as providing comfort and ergonomic design to reduce hand fatigue.