Daiwa Zillion 10.0 Baitcaster

The new Zillion 10.0 baitcaster offers remarkably quick line pick-up—ideal for pulling uncooperative fish away from structure and cover. The high-speed retrieve is also ideal for fishing topwater baits, such as frogs and buzzbaits, as well as lipless crankbaits and other hardbody lures.

Premium components make for a lightweight, comfortable, and durable reel. Daiwa’s signature G1 Duraluminum SV Spool is balanced, light, and efficient, and designed for making long, controlled casts. And because the pinion gear rides its own separate shaft, the spool spins freely, unhampered by gear-train friction. Protecting it all is an aluminum frame with sideplates constructed of the same premium alloy. The metal body helps ensure tighter tolerances and a longer-lasting product.

The Zillion 10.0’s performance is further bolstered by Daiwa’s exclusive T-Wing System (TWS). The “T” aperture allows line to flow freely on the cast, reducing the sharp angles and friction that hinder line flow. On the retrieve, the line drops into the narrow, lower channel of the T-Wing for greater distribution across the spool.

Other highlights include the comfortable Swept Handle that moves the paddles closer to the rod’s centerline, resulting in less wobble, along with a carbon fiber drag system with oversized washers.


Price: $399