Data Reveals Top 5 Boating Violations

Data Reveals Top 5 Boating Violations
Recreational boating, photo courtesy USCG.

Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound released its 2013 recreational boating data, highlighting the 5 most common violations observed by Coast Guard boarding teams.

They were:

  1. Improper number of lifejackets
  2. Missing or damaged life rings
  3. Missing or expired fire extinguishers
  4. Missing or expired distress signals
  5. Lack of proper vessel registration

“Last year 4 out of the 5 top deficiencies relate directly to the safety of lives on the water,” said Lt. Ryan Dickson, chief of Sector Long Island Sound’s Enforcement Division.  “Lifesaving and distress equipment are the front line tools for emergency response by the operator.  It is absolutely vital that you can depend on that equipment if something goes wrong.”

Violations can result in the termination of a boater’s voyage.