Daytrip Destination: Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay


Here’s a little secret for Boothbay Harbor boaters: the Maine Botanical Gardens has a free deep-water mooring open to all comers—or at least those who can worm their way into the recesses of the Back River. Whether you take advantage of the mooring or not, you owe yourself a visit to this spectacular place.

Boaters can leave a dinghy, skiff or kayak the dock just south of Barters Island Road and stroll around the Botanical Gardens’ 128 acres, which includes 3,600 feet of tidal shoreline. Along the way you’ll encounter a pine-woods Fairy Garden; a garden based on popular Maine children’s books; various sculptures, and paintings by resident and visiting artists and, of course, hundreds of fascinating flowering plants and trees.

See the Maine Botanical Gardens in the Boothbay episode of New England Boating.

Planned for 2017 is a 22,000-square-foot glass conservatory and expanded gardens to accommodate the growing crowds that are discovering this remarkable Boothbay attraction.

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