For boaters visiting upper Penobscot Bay, Young’s Lobster Pound is a must-visit dock and dine. Located on the northern side of Belfast Harbor, Young’s features a floating dock where visiting boaters can tie up alongside the commercial lobstermen offloading the day’s catch.

Boaters can tie up to the long, floating dock adjacent to the restaurant.

Young’s is a local institution, having been owned and operated by the Young family for four generations. It’s a big, noisy, bustling place with outdoor picnic tables and a great view of the harbor (indoor seating is also available). Inside, you can wander among the numerous lobster tanks before placing your order at the window. Young’s doesn’t serve beer or wine, but diners are welcome to bring their own.

Children love to study the lobsters in Young’s holding tanks.

Young’s serves all the standard Maine favorites, from steamed lobster dinners to lobster rolls to fish-and-chips. They also sell steamers, mussels, chowder, swordfish, crab rolls, scallops, oysters, shrimp cocktail and non-seafood items such as steak tips and hot dogs. All the food is fresh, delicious, and served with a smile.

The “Bucket List” is sure to meet the needs of any seafood lover!

The restaurant is open year-round, from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. during the summer. They can handle large groups and clubs, and will also arrange orders to go. Oh, and you can also have Young’s lobsters shipped to your door.

For more information, visit the Young’s website.

Phone: (207) 338-1160

Captain Seaweed welcomes patrons who arrive by land.

The Young’s facility contains enormous holding tanks.

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