Documentary to Examine Steamboat Wrecks of Moosehead Lake

Above: watch a trailer on the sunken steamboats of Moosehead Lake.

The Moosehead Marine Museum has received two $10,000 grants to support production of a historical documentary entitled “Sunken Steamboats of Moosehead Lake.” The film will include underwater footage and historic photographs, combined with stories told by local residents.

According to records, more than a dozen steamboats lie on the bottom of Moosehead Lake. Some have been identified, while others remain nameless.

Starting in 1836, as many as 50 steamboats cruised Moosehead Lake, transporting passengers, mail, livestock and supplies from the train station at Greenville Junction to the many resorts and sporting camps on the lake.

Read more and watch a video on the sunken steamboats of Moosehead Lake.