Dog Rescued in Boston Harbor’s Kevin Cullen has an amazing story about the recent rescue of a beagle that fell overboard in Boston Harbor.

Here’s an excerpt:

Margie Vogt sells houses for a living, which is hard work these days, so when she wants to unwind she and her husband Rick drive to the Dorchester Yacht Club and take their 29-foot sport fishing boat out around Boston Harbor.

They did this the other night and took along Daisy, their 8-month-old beagle puppy.

Daisy knows her way around a boat. She has her own life vest, and the life vest is tied to a 20-foot dock line so she can move around the boat at her leisure. Daisy usually goes below and catches some Z’s. The waves rock the boat like a cradle, making her sleepy.

The other night, Margie and Rick Vogt headed out toward the Old Colony Yacht Club next to the gas tanks on the expressway and had a lobster roll, which at 8 bucks a pop should be illegal. Then they got back on board and tooled around Castle Island and headed down the waterfront to check out the Legal Test Kitchen in the Seaport.

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