Duo Kiteboards to Block Island for Environment

Duo Kiteboards to Block Island for Environment
Brock Callen Jr., photo/ brockcallen.com

MVGazette.com: Brock Callen Jr. insists that sailing 67 miles in 5 hours on a kiteboard isn’t really that much. “It seems like it is, because it’s on a board, and it seems so small,” he said in a recent interview. What it really is, he continued, is amazing. There’s no other sport that fosters such interaction between sailor, wind and water.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Callen, 35, of Edgartown, and friend Jeff Brock of Newport, RI, kiteboarded to Block Island for a trip that was part athletic event, part environmental mission. The duo — dubbed Brock2 — partnered with the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean, doing shore cleanups at each of their stopping points (as well as Cuttyhunk). They will also hold a beach cleanup with the Edgartown School on Oct. 17, which Rozalia Project founder Rachael Miller will attend. Visits with other Island schools are planned as well.

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