Editorial Offers Tips for Helping LI Sound

Long Island Sound, photo/Connecticut Fund for the Environment.

An editorial in The Day says that more effort is needed by individuals and government agencies to improve the health of Long Island Sound, which recently received a C- grade for overall environmental stewardship by the group Save the Sound. The editorial encourages support for a major funding bill currently in play, but also offers steps that individuals can take to help protect the Sound.

Among them are:

  • Enjoy the birds when visiting marshes and beaches, but don’t disturb them. Also, reconsider bringing your pets.
  • Volunteer for a beach cleanup or a local riverbank restoration.
  • Be sure to clean up after your dog and wash your car in the grass or at a carwash that recycles its water. All water flows to the Sound.
  • Test soil to apply the right type and amount of fertilizer, and try to use organic fertilizer, compost or grass clippings to fertilize your lawn naturally. Reduce or eliminate pesticide use.
  • Whenever possible, recycle compact florescent light bulbs and electronics. And be sure to dispose of all products containing heavy metals, like mercury thermometers, old thermostats, and lead-acid batteries, at a hazardous waste facility.
  • Maintain your septic tank regularly. Never hook your storm gutters up to sewers, and report illegal storm drain hookups to Connecticut DEEP and New York DEC.

To read the full editorial:

The Day: Connecticut

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