Essential Lures: The Santini Tube

If you fish for stripers and blues along the Northeast coast, you’ll want to have a Santini Tube Lure in your arsenal. It’s a great lure for taking stripers and blues during the day, when the fish are holding in deep water. The long, plastic lure most likely imitates an eel, although some anglers feel that it simply serves as a delivery vehicle for the live seaworm that’s typically placed on the hook.

Here are several keys to fishing the Santini tube effectively:

  1. Always place a live seaworm on the hook. The scent of the worm apparently convinces the bass to strike after first being drawn to the swimming action of the lure.
  2. Troll the lure as slowly as possible; between one and three knots is ideal.
  3. Troll the lure through areas with good current flow and a boulder-strewn bottom in 10 to 15 feet of water.

Trolling outfits usually comprise a six-foot boat rod and a conventional reel filled with either wire or leadcore line. The latter is easier to use and works well in depths of 15 feet or less. Use a six-foot fluorocarbon leader of 50-pound-test to connect the leadcore to the lure.

The most popular tube color is dark red, although fluorescent green, hot pink, and black all take fish on certain days. Try the brighter colors in low-light situations and darker colors on sunny days.

For more information on how to fish the Santini Tube, contact Fishing Finatics by CLICKING HERE.