Falmouth Bait & Tackle Supports Free State Derby

Falmouth Bait & Tackle on Cape Cod is doing its part to help anglers participate in the free annual fresh- and saltwater fishing derbies run by the state.

Here’s how the state derbies work:

Freshwater: In the Freshwater Sport Fishing Awards Programs, anglers receive bronze pins for catching fish of certain minimum weight requirements for 22 species. Anglers must have their catch weighed at a certified weigh station and submit an affidavit and photo of their catch to the Sportfishing Awards Coordinator. A youth category recognizes anglers 17 years and younger for their accomplishments.

Anglers who catch the largest fish in each category in a calendar year receive a gold pin and plaque commemorating their accomplishment. Traditionally, the “Gold Pin Winners” are honored every February at the annual Freshwater Sportfishing Awards Ceremony held at the Eastern Outdoor and Fishing Exposition in Worcester. The Angler of the Year is also honored at this event.

Saltwater: Each year, from January 1 through November 30, the Mass. Division of Marine Fisheries conducts the Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing Derby. Fish entered must be caught by hook and line, and measured and weighed at a Marine Fisheries-certified weigh station. All entries will receive a derby pin and at the end of the derby year, trophies will be awarded to anglers who landed the heaviest fish in each species category. Winners are chosen in 3 divisions: men, women and junior (age 15 and younger). There is also a “Skillful Skipper” award, which is presented to a for-hire captain who has three derby winning fish caught on their boat.

Falmouth Bait & Tackle is an official weigh station, and makes sure that anglers who weigh in a fish know how to enter their catch properly to participate in the derbies.

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