Father, 2 Sons Rescued on Essex River

A father and his two young sons (ages 3 and 7) were rescued on Saturday, Sept. 15, on the Essex River, MA, after they fell out of their small, tiller-steered aluminum boat.

According to the Gloucester Times, the father was running through the river when he made a sudden turn, causing the older boy, who was riding in the bow, to fall overboard. When the father overcorrected, he and the 3-year-old went overboard. Meanwhile, the boat continued to run in circles at high speed, nearly running them over.

Another boater saw the boat circling and realized what was wrong. He made his way to the scene and was able to get all 3 family members aboard. Fortunately, both boys were wearing lifejackets.

After learning of the incident, assistant Harbormaster Troy Perry was able to approach the circling boat and remove the kill-switch lanyard from the outboard engine, stopping the boat. The harbormaster later towed  the boat to the town landing.


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