Fishermen’s Way of Life Threatened by Cod Assessment

Photo/CNN Video recently ran an article and short video on the groundfishermen of Gloucester, Massachusetts, whose livelihood may be threatened if managers are forced to shut down the cod fishery in light of the most recent stock assessments.

Here’s an excerpt:

By daybreak, much of this town has already been at work for hours.

Fishermen have long since cast off aboard boats named for their sweethearts and chugged out to sea before sunrise.

Clad in yellow and orange rubber suits, these seafarers drag giant nets across the ocean floor during 12-hour work days, hauling back the fish they will later bring to market.

For some 400 years, fishing has sustained communities such as Gloucester along America’s northeastern shores, where thousands of seafood processors, wholesalers, distributors and retailers make a living off the waterfront.

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