Fishing Scituate, Massachusetts

Haddock are an early-season target of Scituate anglers. Photo Tom Richardson

Fishing has long been a major pursuit among Scituate mariners, given its close proximity to Cape Cod Bay. That tradition endures.

Haddock are a popular target starting in April. Most haddock fishermen head for Stellwagen Bank, as the fish typically hold over relatively shallow water (70-150 feet) in the early season. The southern tip of the bank often produces best in May. If you don’t have the scoop on the current hot spots, follow the fleet of boats. Another strategy is to look for bait schools, both on the surface and on your depthsounder.

Striped bass kick-off the inshore scene starting in late May. Great early-season action can be enjoyed by small-boat and kayak anglers in the North and South Rivers and their tributaries at this time, as the bass follow herring far upriver and wait for them to drop back to the ocean in late June. You can find schoolies inside the rivers all season, with nighttime yielding the best action in mid-summer.

School bass can be taken inside the local rivers throughout the season. Photo Tom Richardson

Later in June and July, expect the bigger bass to patrol the numerous rocks and ledges outside Scituate Harbor. Casting big plugs, live mackerel, flies, and soft-plastics among the boulders can be very productive at this time. Trolling large tube lures over structure and along depth contour lines in 20 to 30 feet of water is another proven technique during the day. Chunks of fresh mackerel fished just above bottom below a balloon or float can also work well if the fish are holding deep.

Large bluefish also feed around the nearshore structure, and can be taken on the same lures and techniques used to target stripers. Trolling deep-diving plugs and tube lures fished on wire line is always a good way to score with the choppers if you don’t find them feeding on top.

Late July and August often see the arrival of bluefin tuna on nearby Stellwagen Bank. These fish can range from “footballs” of 30 pounds to giants weighing more than a grand. Naturally, it helps to get the scoop on the tuna bite before making a trip. Blue sharks, makos and threshers can also be taken on Stellwagen by setting up a chum slick and fishing large bluefish and mackerel fillets.


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