Fishing Vessel Runs Aground off Harwich, MA


Coast Guard rescue crews from Station Chatam, pollution responders from Sector Southeastern New England, and local fire and police assisted a 37′ fishing vessel that ran aground in Wychmere Harbor, near Harwich, Massachusetts, at 11:45 p.m. on Friday.

Watchstanders at Sector Southeastern New England received a call from another fishing vessel stating that the “Fair Warning” had run aground on the jetty.

Three persons were onboard and the captain sustained a head injury.

Station Chatam immediately launched a rescue crew on a 47′ motor lifeboat. Local fire and police were dispatched along with the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

The members of the vessel were taken off the boat and transferred back to the harbor to awaiting EMS. The captain of the vessel was treated at the local hospital and released.

Contractors, along with pollution responders from the Coast Guard, removed all of the fuel from the vessel by 11:35 a.m. Saturday. By 11:51 a.m. the vessel had been removed by commercial towboat companies and taken to the harbor boat ramp for further salvage.