Fusion 750 & 650 True-Marine Entertainment Systems


FUSION’s new high-performance audio systems—the 750 and 650 True-Marine Entertainment systems—were built specifically for boaters, and feature the latest in marine technology and weather protection.

The flagship 750 series is available in 2 configurations: the MS-UD750 with internal UNI-Dock, and the MS-AV750 marine DVD/CD player. An industry first, the MS-AV750 offers HDMI video connection support, allowing boaters to enjoy audio from any supported ARC television. Sporting a color LCD, the screen is optically bonded to improve durability, eliminate condensation or fogging, and resist extreme temperatures even in direct sunlight.UV7fvg7Qr1cBAHE8-64YAVeoO0aWmu4imIqoHYx37U4

The FUSION 650 series is also available with either an internal UNI-Dock or DVD/CD, (the MS-UD650 and MS-AV650, respectively). The 650 models feature a grayscale, daylight-viewable, optically bonded widescreen LCD.

Delivering playback of USB, Apple iOS and MTP Android/Windows media devices, both the 750 and 650 feature internal Bluetooth A2DP audio-streaming capabilities and Pandora radio support with “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down” voting. The easy-to-use interface allows browsing or streaming of playlists with track and album data displayed on-screen. Multifunction display control is also available on NMEA 2000 networked devices using award-winning FUSION-Link. Additionally, FUSION-Link can be controlled wirelessly using the new app, available from iTunes or Google Play, that controls the on-board entertainment devices over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 750 series only).

3DTaENHTKhu7FKRN7Ev0PnlyQ1exc2iAT2gZcqqoK3YThe MS-UD750 and MS-UD650 also protect, charge and play smartphones or media players from a watertight internal compartment. The UNI-Dock is able to securely house the largest range of smartphones, including the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, providing absolute environmental protection. An additional external USB connection can accommodate other media devices or simply to create a dedicated charging station for the vessel. The 750 series can support 4 independent audio zones, while the 650 series supports 3, each with volume control options that can be adjusted independently or globally. The scalable system allows for complete sound balance for any size vessel.

Designed and engineered specifically for the marine environment, the glass filled composite chassis of the 650 and 750 series is rigid and incredibly lightweight, improving environmental protection and electrically isolating the internal components for complete reliability. The units incorporate a high-efficiency Class D amplifier segregated inside a uniquely shaped, side-fin aluminum heat sink which provides greater thermal efficiency and increased power output to create louder and clearer audio while reducing current draw. Sporting the same dimensions as the FUSION 700 and 600 series, this latest series is an easy “drop in” upgrade option.

The FUSION 750 and 650 series are protected by a 3-year limited consumer warranty.

The units will be available for purchase in April 2015 from authorized dealers and retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

MS-UD750: $649.99
MS-AV750: $799.99
MS-UD650: $549.99
MS-AV650: $649.99


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