Group to Fight New Hampshire Dam Removal

Group to Fight Maine Dam Removal
Photo/Support Hampton’s Deacon Tuck Gristmill

SeacostOnline: Local residents [in Hampton, NH] are concerned Hampton’s efforts to remove Old Mill Pond Dam may not only irrevocably eliminate one of the oldest parts of the town, but that the removal itself may not be allowed by law.

A group of citizens is hoping to convince selectmen the town needs to take a step back in the decommissioning of the 1686 dam and pond, the funding for which was approved at this year’s town meeting. The group, led by local engineers, historians and abutters, believe repairs and other options could be cheaper and ensure the town doesn’t lose the historical significance of the adjacent Deacon Tuck Grist Mill, which relied on the dam to mill corn, and the recreational opportunities at Old Mill Pond.

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