Head Boat Operator Busted in Buzzards Bay

RI Environmental Police Arrest & Citation Log, Sept.
Photo Illustration/New England Boating.

On Tuesday, November 8, Massachusetts Environmental Police officers were conducting a patrol in Buzzards Bay in the vicinity of the Massachusetts/Rhode Island border, when they noticed a head boat engaged in rod-and-reel fishing in Massachusetts waters.

Upon conducting a boarding and inspection, it was discovered that the vessel was registered in Rhode Island and that the operator did not possess a Massachusetts state permit for head boat operations.

Furthermore, the passengers were found to be in possession of several black sea bass, the season for which closed on August 31.

The operator was issued a citation for possession of black sea bass during closed season. The owner of the head boat was contacted and advised of the Massachusetts state requirements for head boat operations and subsequently issued a citation for failure to possess state permit.

The owner was instructed to cease operations in Massachusetts waters until the proper permits are acquired.

The name of the captain and the vessel were withheld by Mass EPO.