Hinckley’s new 28 ½’ Dasher model is the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht.

Designed for fully electric propulsion, Dasher sports a super-light, carbon-epoxy composite hull designed by Michael Peters to deliver high performance and handling, along with a shallow draft. Titanium hardware and console details are 3D-printed to achieve elegant shapes and a level of precision unavailable with typical construction methods.

Propulsion is provided by twin 80-hp electric motors running off dual BMW i3 lithium-ion batteries. Quiet operation, zero emissions and no trips to the fuel dock are just a few of Dasher’s benefits.

The boat accepts dual 50 amp charging cables, standard on most docks, allowing it to charge twice as fast (under 4 hours) as the most popular plug-in electric cars.  Standard cruise is 10 mph, with a fast cruise of 18-27 mph. Range is 40 miles at standard cruise.

Additionally, Dasher’s modern, open layout allows for numerous possible configurations, with a console that allows the captain to join the party thanks to a retractable windshield. Touch-screen helm control makes navigating simple. Meanwhile, the open transom allows for a direct connection with the water, as well as easy access.

Dasher also marks Hinckley’s debut of Artisanal Teak, a lightweight, hand-painted epoxy composite that offers a varnished look without the weight or maintenance costs of traditional teak.




LOA         28’ 6”

Beam         8’ 7”

Draft         1’ 11”

Displ.         6500 lbs.

Cruise         10 mph


For more information visit the Hinckley website.


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