Historic Camden Boathouse to be Restored

The red shed visible to the right of the American Boathouse in Camden Harbor was demolished in mid-January, 2018. Photo by Tom Richardson

Regular visitors to Maine’s Camden Harbor may notice that the long red boatbuilding shed at the head of the harbor is missing. The red shed was demolished on January 11 as part of a multi-million-dollar restoration of the adjacent American Boathouse, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The boathouse was built in 1904, to house the 130′ yacht of Chauncy Borland, first commodore of the Camden Yacht Club.

The new owners of the boathouse have proposed a historic restoration of the building, and asked for a zoning change to allow residential space on the first floor off Atlantic Avenue. The building is located in the Harbor Business District, where first floor residential use is prohibited, according to an article in the Knox Village Soup.