Historic Coast Guard Lifeboat Featured on CBS This Morning

Filming of Coast Guard Rescue Movie Set to Begin in Chatham
The Rescue Boat CG36500 returned to the Chatham Fish Pier with 32 survivors of the tanker PENDLETON after the rescue at sea. Official USCG Photo; photo by Richard C. Kelsey, Chatham, MA.

The historic lifeboat used in the 1952 Coast Guard rescue of 32 crewmen from the stricken tanker Pendleton off Chatham, MA, was recently featured on a “CBS This Morning” television segment. CBS also interviewed Eastham historian Richard Ryder onboard the restored CG-36500 lifeboat as it made a trip out of Rock Harbor.

The Pendleton rescue, called the most daring Coast Guard rescue in history, is being made in an upcoming Disney movie called “The Finest Hours”, scheduled for release in January.


Watch the CBS segment here:

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