Hobie Pro Angler 17T Fishing Kayak

Hobie Pro Angler 17T Fishing Kayak

Hobie’s new Pro Angler 17T can be configured in 3 different ways, including traditional in-line tandem seating, face-to-face social tandem or solo, all with plenty of space and stability for standing and casting.

This 17T integrates all the features of its 12’ and 14’ predecessors, including Hobie’s patented MirageDrive pedal system and Vantage XT seating, and adds new features such as the H-Rail System for accessories, a tracking skeg for covering long distances and a battery platform for an optional trolling motor, crate or small cooler.

Hobie Pro Angler 17T Fishing KayakThe 12-sided H-Rail mounting system runs along each side of the boat and provides a quick and easy way to secure multiple accessories. Two-each H-Rail mounting plates, rod racks and cup holders come standard. Any number of optional accessories can then be added to the H-Rail, such as tackle bins, fishfinders, camera mounts or rod holders.

The 17T’s large rudder provides excellent maneuverability while the new drop-down tracking skeg can be deployed when covering long distances in challenging conditions. An optional anchor-trolley kit for anchors, drift chutes, nets or stake-out poles is easy to install using 8 strategically-placed brass inserts on each side. An optional Power-Pole Micro with customized Hobie mount can be added to the stern.
Two MirageDrives with adjustable Turbo Fins provide propulsion, leaving hands free for casting and catching fish. Two strong and breathable Vantage XT Seats ensure comfort with back, bottom, lumbar and kickstand height adjustability. They can be easily removed from the boat for onshore use. There is also storage for up to 12 rods—10 horizontally and 2 vertically. A large front hatch and liner allow storage of fish, ice, food, clothing or extra tackle. The built-in Lowrance Ready transducer mounting plate and pre-installed wire plugs make it easy to install electronics. Three large rectangular hatches provide easy access to pivoting tackle management systems and in-hull storage.

The Pro Angler 17T weighs 230 pounds fully rigged with standard features and has a 900-pound capacity.

Anticipated availability is Fall 2014.

Price: $5,299

Check out the Hobie line at Fay’s Boat Yard on Lake Winnipesaukee, an authorized Hobie dealer!