Hunter, Rescuers Rescued on Parker River, MA

A 44-year-old deer hunter was resued on Nov. 29 after his canoe capsized on the Parker River in Georgetown, MA, at around 6:30 a.m. After capsizing in waist-deep water near the bridge on Thurlow Street, Jason Duggan of Salem used his cell phone to dial 911, according to the Newburyport News.

Shortly after receiving the call, Groveland police Detective Steven Petrone and firefighter Phil Gray borrowed a canoe and rescued the hunter, who was evaluated at a local hospital and released.

Later that morning, Groveland firefighter¬†Stephen Merrill along with Georgetown police officer Pasquale Zollo and Georgetown firefighter Tom Mulligan launched a Georgetown Fire Department returned to the scene to try and retrieve the hunter’s canoe and shotgun. As the 3 men were towing the canoe back to shore, their boat struck a submerged object and capsized. The men were pulled from the water by other firefighters on shore.

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