Irish Rowing Team Seeking Support Boats for Boston-to-NYC Event

Dublin Airport Police & Fire Service Rowing Club of Ireland is seeking local support boats in southern New England to accompany its team on a charity rowing event from Boston Harbor to New York’s Liberty Island in late May.

The APFS is a charity-based club made up of police officers and firefighters from Dublin.

The May event, called Endeavoar 2020, will begin in Boston on May 21. The APFS is trying to source a support boat and an inflatable/RIB whose owners would be willing to accompany the rowers for at least one day of the four-day event.

The rowing team comprises two crews of five officers, who will be rowing on an hour-on/hour-off basis for approximately 12 hours each day. The team plans to stop each night along the way in Onset, Stonington, Fairfield, and finally Manhattan on Sunday, May 24.

The APFS will cover any costs involved, and is happy to highlight any assistance on all of its media coverage.

Contact team captain Brain Dempsey for more information.