June 18-20: Coast Guard to Make Random Inspections on Connecticut River

The Coast Guard will be inspecting boats in and around North Hampton, Massachusetts, this weekend. Courtesy United States Coast Guard photo/ PA1 Bobby Nash.

The Coast Guard announced that it will conduct random inspections of recreational boats on the Connecticut River from Friday, June 18, to Sunday, June 20. The inspections will be conducted in and around North Hampton, Massachusetts, where, according to a Coast Guard email, the agency has received several reports of unsafe boating practices. The email explained that the inspection operation is intended “to provide education and encourage safe boating habits.”

The Coast Guard will check that boaters are in compliance with current boating laws and have the proper required equipment aboard. All recreational vessels must have, at minimum, a lifejacket for each person aboard, a sound-producing device such as an air horn, at least 1 fire extinguisher for closed-construction boats, and functioning navigation lights from sunset to sunrise and in restricted visibility.