JVC Everio R Foating Camcorders

JVC’s new rugged, weather-resistant Everio R camcorders feature a 5-hour battery life, powerful optical zoom and other advanced functions offer opportunities to create unique videos that can’t easily be captured with a smartphone.

The GZ-R550 and GZ-R440 are water-resistant to a depth of 16.4’, can withstand a drop from 4.9’, are dust-proof and freeze-proof to 14°F. Best of all for boaters, they float!

Contributing to the camcorders’ water and dust resistance is the internal high-capacity battery, which eliminates the risk of damaging the camera while changing batteries in wet weather. Moreover, the camcorders are compatible with third-party portable batteries, the type used for charging smartphones.

Everio R camcorders feature a large-caliber Konica Minolta HD Lens with a 40x optical zoom and 60x dynamic zoom that maintains the picture’s HD resolution thanks to the camcorders’ powerful 2.5 megapixel, back-illuminated CMOS image sensor. JVC’s Falconbird image processing engine and 24Mbps high bit rate recording further contribute to image quality, while K2 technology delivers high-quality sound. A 37mm filter thread allows users to attach various industry-standard filters for effects and added protection, as well as third-party conversion lenses. Everio R recordings are compatible with third-party editing software, including iMovie and Final Cut Pro X.

A range of other features gives Everio R camcorders some unique capabilities. Time counters for recording and playback make post production easy. The Self Check feature automatically repeats recording and playback at set intervals, useful for athletes who want to check their form. Slow-motion playback is activated by just tapping the screen. Time-lapse recording enhances creative options, while zoom position memory returns the camcorder to a pre-set zoom position, convenient when shooting sports events.

The Everio R GZ-R550, available in matte black, features AVCHD recording, built-in Auto Illumi. Light and 32GB of internal storage. The GZ-R440 provides 4GB of internal memory and is available in matte black and orange.  All new models will be available in mid-May.


GZ-R550B: $499.95 32GB

GZ-R440D: $399.95 4GB

GZ-R440B: $399.95 4GB

For more information, visit the JVC website.